About Timmy MacDonald Masonry

Hi……I am Tim…..and this is just a quick wordpress hosted site I forwarded my domains to until I actually purchase and design another real webpage…but I posted lots of pictures of the work I do and my phone number. LOL


You can see my pictures and call or text me for any masonry free estimate.  I’m available 24/7 in metro Detroit.

My work pics here or

Check me out at Facebook for more pictures of my work over the years.

I am a high quality mason that does decorative stone and brick work but also does general masonry maintenance and chimney and porch rebuilds. I brick whole houses and half porches equally.

Also, As I have become sensatized to chromium I have been dabbling back into carpentry and drywall the last few years but I have found a way to protect myself from the masonry chromium this past year and a half….so I am back to what I love.


I am always looking for work. So please give a call and I will come and price out your project.



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